• Question: Have you ever thought about that you could be someones idle?

    Asked by beginningzoologist to Shannah, Richard, Matthew, John, Emma, Anna on 16 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: John Paterson

      John Paterson answered on 16 Jun 2019:

      Not really, no. I think the most important things when you’re talking about science and your work to other people are to be enthusiastic but also honest about it. If anyone finds anything I say inspiring then that’s great and obviously part of the reason why I do things like this is to try to encourage anyone who likes science and who might be thinking about taking it further. Or to encourage people who aren’t thinking about science at the moment! But I don’t actively think about being someone’s idol.

    • Photo: Emma Markham

      Emma Markham answered on 17 Jun 2019:

      No, I don’t think I could be lazy and do nothing. I’m not a robot, so I do enjoy a weekend with nothing planned, just sitting watching TV. But I would hate a holiday sitting on a beach for a week, as I would feel the need to be doing something.
      I love science, so even if I won the lottery and didn’t have to work, I think I would still keep working because I love it so much!